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Running for Fat Loss in 6 Best Steps


Running for fat loss is generally preferred by each age of people in the world. Despite the high energy expenditure by running, people want to know how to burn fat while running. While muscles work hard, the body burns calories more and more. Because you can benefit from post – workout fat burning by running and fast-intensity walking (EPOC, excess post- exercise oxygen consumption ). Here are the six tips for running for fat loss.  

Running for Fat Loss in 6 Steps


You can think that running is so far from your daily life. But evolutionary biologists say that people’s genetic coding gets running behavior from the past to today. Because the first humans to run to hunt for their food were long-distance runners. In addition to this, according to their researches, running is a need for the human body. Well, is running good for fat loss ? How can you apply running for fat loss in your life? 

1 – Start to Move  


If you are wondering about how can I take running weight loss results, you should know that if you don’t start, you cannot lose fat. At the beginning of your running program, you can start with walking for 30 minutes at a regular tempo. For passing the next step, you should do this walking period 3 or 4 times a week. If you completed this step easier, you can pass the next step. 

2 – Everything Starts with a Step


Running for fat loss can be confirmed after this step. You should walk for four minutes and run for one minute. Then, repeat this series four times consecutive. At the end of the 3o minutes, you can finish your work by walking for four minutes. You should do this exercise program four times per week. 

At this stage of the running for fat loss, burning fat can be challenging for you. But you will get used to the tempo if you continue the sport because there are many benefits of running for fat loss. You can start with this essential training despite strength training to lose weight. In this process, you can use a running weight loss calculator.

3 – Timing is Everything


Running and walking burn calories which make lost body fat. In this step, you should walk for four minutes and then run for two minutes. Repeating this series four times, for 33 minutes, you can reach maximum heart rate slowly. So, many calories burned with this exercise. But you should support your training program with healthy eating habits. 

4 – Apply Your Plan of Running for Fat Loss


Running for weight loss beginners can be applied in a fitness saloon. You don’t need to walk and run outside. You can prefer a body-building saloon. But you should apply your training plan for running for fat loss. 

In fourth step, you should walk for 3 minutes and then run for 3 minutes. You should repeat this series four times next by next. At the end of 33 minutes, you should end your training with walking for 3 minutes. 

5 – The Race Starts 


Does running 5k burn fat? Yes, of course. But it would help if you didn’t do 5k running at the beginning of your training period. You can pass this training marathon training in future training. At this stage, you should walk for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. After walking, you should run for five minutes. After repeating this period three times, you should end your training by walking for three minutes. 

6 – Run Slowly


At the end of the running for fat loss in 6 steps, you can walk for 3 minutes and run 7 minutes. This stage is the hardest step of your working for running for fat loss. It would help if you repeated this series two times. At the end of 33 minutes, you should end with walking for 3 minutes. 

Bonus : How Long Does It Take to Lose Belly Fat by Running?

You can apply jogging to lose weight fast. But this will be unhealthy for the beginners in the training stage. You can lose belly fat by running too. If you want to burn belly fat, you should take the advice a sports trainer or dietician.

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